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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 22:02:48 -0700 (PDT)

I've added them all to the Being-scanned list, Marilyn, and posted it here on 
the volunteer list last night-- and also sent it to Jamie and Jim Baugh for 
posting on Jamie's site and, hopefully, on the Friends site if Jim is doing it. 
Because of the communication problems we were having, thanks to my not noticing 
that you address was blocked--thanks Carrie, for helping me solve the 
problem--I didn't get your list until yesterday.

THe Being-Scanned list titles are in alphabetical order, sans the words The and 
A. The volunteer-being-scanned books are separate from the 
bookshare-being-scanned section. 

If anyone wants a different arrangment, please let me know. I'll be happy to 




Jake's site for useful links: http://www.jbrownell.com/bkslinks.html

--- On Sun, 6/8/08, Kerri Kosten <wvusuperfan22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Kerri Kosten <wvusuperfan22@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: More Books-Being-Scanned
> To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Sunday, June 8, 2008, 6:37 PM
> Hi:
> Wow, all those books sound interesting and I can't wait
> to be able to read them!!
> Where did you find them?  Those books sound really
> interesting as I love thrillers and would love to be able
> to look up more books like this to find ones to scan
> myself.  Also did the place you found them have really
> cheap prices or something?  That sounds like a lot of books
> to get!!
> Kerri
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Marilyn Beasley 
>   To: Grandma Cindy ; bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
>   Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 9:44 AM
>   Subject: [bksvol-discuss] More Books-Being-Scanned
>   Good morning, G. Cindy.  Good morning, All.
>   I sent the below message over two days ago, G. Cindy.  I
> can
>   only imagine how busy you must be, so I thought I would
>   forward it to the group so there are no duplicates.  Add
> them
>   to your list when you can, then.  All lists have been
> checked,
>   there is only a question on THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING,
>   which is in the collection under the name of another
> author.
>   I'm trying to check on that one.
>   Gratefully,
>   Marilyn
>   Begin forwarded message:
>     From: Marilyn Beasley <mbeasley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>     Date: May 31, 2008 11:51:59 PM EDT
>     To: Grandma Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>
>     Subject: Books-Being-Scanned List
>     Dear G. Cindy,
>     Please add the following to your Books-Being-Scanned
> List.
>     They all should be "will be scanned by Robert R.
> and validated
>     by Marilyn."
>     Two are Wish List books:  Satan's Lambs by Lynn
> Hightower and
>     The Only Suspect by Jonnie Jacobs.
>     The others are:
>     Remains Silent by Dr. Michael Baden
>     The Cloud of Unknowing by Thomas H. Cook
>     Homicide Special by Miles Corwin
>     Desert Places by Blake Crouch
>     Funeral March by Frank DeFelitta
>     The First Cut by Dianne Emley
>     A Killing in the Valley by J.F. Freedman
>     Against the Wind by J.F. Freedman
>     The Rookie Club by Danielle Girard
>     Lying with Strangers by James Grippando
>     Irreparable Harm by Lee Gruenfeld
>     A Cannibal in Manhattan by Tama Janowitz
>     Dogged Pursuit by Lee Charles Kelley
>     Lost Echoes by Joe R. Lansdale
>     Out of Reach by Patricia Levin
>     If Only It Were True by Marc Levy
>     Chill of Night by John Lutz
>     The Night Spider by John Lutz
>     In Shadows by Chandler McGrew
>     A Perfect Grave by Rick Mofina
>     The Missing by Chris Mooney
>     The Girls He Adored by Jonathan Nasaw
>     Final Sins by Gregg Olsen
>     The Night Country by Stewart Onan
>     One Cold Night by Kate Pepper
>     Blind Spot by Terri Persons
>     In Dark Places by Michael Prescott
>     Dangerous Games by Michael Prescott
>     A Wicked Snow by Michael Prescott
>     Fury by Robert K. Tanenbaum
>     Blood Innocents by Thomas Cook
>     Fury  by John Coyne
>     The Haunted by Robert Curran
>     Hide and Seek by Lorraine DeSosa
>     Shadow Man by Dennis Etchison
>     Phantom Nights by John Farris
>     Tunnel Vision by R. Patrick Gates
>     The Summoning by Bentley Little
>     Mirror by Graham Masterton
>     The Red Church by Scott Nicholson
>     Bloodshift by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
>     Pandora by Alan Rodgers
>     The Hunger by Whitley Strieber
>     Cat Magic by Whitley Strieber
>     The Year's Best Horror Stories, edited by Karl
> Wagner
>     If this needs to be posted to the group, please feel
>     free to do so.
>     Greatly appreciated,
>     Marilyn

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