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Thanks for the kind words... it made me feel better.  Perhaps I shouldn't
have replied to that e-mail in such a rude manner, but it just got to me
that someone implied I was making assumptions.  I realize I was wrong, but
isn't that what this list is for?  I figured that having the two versions
was okay but I had no idea about the philosopher's stone being the British
version.  I thought that maybe someone had accidentally written the wrong
word in the title so I thought I'd check with the list.

Yes, I noticed the British terms and food discussion and actually, I found
it to be very interesting.  Again, thinks for the kind words.

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> Lisa,
> People can be rather touchy about their Harry Potter, can't they?
> I suspect people were not reading the rest of their e-mail before replying
> to your message, instead of implying that you shouldn't have asked the
> question by answering your question that many times.
> At least that is what I would hope since I, for one, thought you had a
> question.  I knew about the two different versions of the books and still
> found the list confusing due to the order in which the books were listed.
> had to take a close look at the list myself to realize there weren't
> duplicates the first time I read that page.
> Don't let this prevent you from asking questions in the future.
> BTW, in case you didn't notice, your question spawned a new discussion on
> the Brittish language and Brittish food that sounded like it made several
> people hungry despite Shelley's talk of blood pudding.
> Gerald
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> Excuse me, I wasn't making any assumption!  I was stating that there
> appeared to be duplicates and I thought that someone could verify if there
> were or weren't.  Sorry I'm not in the know on all things Harry Potter.  I
> was only trying to helt.  Next time, I'll think twice before doing so.

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