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Friends just uploaded the following.  There shouldn't be any critical errors 
and should be an easy validation.
Tom Hawkins


Rochelle Krich

    341 pages

Copyright © 1999 by Rochelle Majer Krich

ISBN: 0-380-78954-X

Using the Holocaust as the backdrop of a current homicide, Krich manages plot 
twists that take the story beyond the expected....

Houston Chronicle


Caring and compassionate, LAPD homicide detective Jessica Drake is not about to 
write off the death of an elderly man found dead in a secluded area of Rancho 
Park as simply a heart attack. In search of what caused the old gentleman's 
death, Jessie combs the records of local retirement homes and prods the 
memories of the residents. She discovers that the victim was the only person in 
his family to come out of the concentration camps alive.

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