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Hi Noel,

If you like John MCphee's work, I'd suggest his book titled "Coming into the Country" which is a series of essays about geology of North America written with many assides about the personalities of researchers as well as harder science facts. There's also a book he wrote about Alaska which is even more interesting -- name escapes me. I read them years ago in hard copy Braille in 6 or 8 bihg hard cover volumes.

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It was regarding a book I submitted, The Control Of Nature by John McPhee.
I uploaded it the day before yesterday.



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It's not clear what you're talking about in this message.

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Hi Noel,
Thank you for submitting this book. I think it's a book I read part of on
tape a few years ago but couldn't finish because one of the tapes was
broken. It was extremely fascinating, and after reading it I was very glad
not to be living in Louisiana or Mississippi and sorry for everyone who did.
I hadn't written down the title or author of the book and didn't know how to
find it again, but I'm pretty sure this was it and am very glad someone has
added it to the collection.

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