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Patti, did you try taking out the ' and just put I am which I had to do with some. Speaking of submitting, I submitted a book the other day and noticed it was back on the step 1 page because the ISBN number wasn't there. I went and got the number from booksfree.com and resubmitted it back to the step 2 page. It was published in England and yes I live in Kansas so it was scanned here in the U.S. That was all the bookshare staffer wanted so hope it goes through this time. If the copyright law or policy has changed about as long as the book was scanned here it's okay, I want to make sure even though sometimes the ISBN number is missing from the title page but may be on the back cover which scans so bad you can't make heads or tails.
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I have tried over and over to submit my I'm a Believer book. I can't get it to upload. So I give up. Anybody want to get this book and scan it? It really is a neat book but I am afraid I don't have the patience to keep trying. It keeps telling me a longer supnopsis is needed or the file upload is wrong. It isn't. So I give up.

Ps. I do have one question, in the filed with all the type of books can you check more than one type? In this one I thought to check non fiction, biography and entertainment. It refused to send so I just checked entertainment. Still no go.
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