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Hello Guido, 


Well, RFB has the book? That is interesting.:-) 


Chapter 1 Guido Meets the Mistress


As he walks down the stairs and his eyes adjust to a softer light he enters
a candle lit room. A woman stands smiling devilishly, tall sleek but with a
smoothly defined figure. Her long blond hair flows down her neck on to her
shoulders. As his eyes slowly travel down across her body a brilliant
diamond glitters between her breasts, the dark blue silk bra caresses her
breasts, curving softly to her firm brown nipples exposed. The royal blue
corset trimmed in gold piping defines her hour glass waste line laced
tightly across the back. The thyhigh stockings blend seamlessly into the
knee high boots that makes her normal 5:10 stature even more intimidating
and alluring. 


Miss Kaitlyn reaches for his hand as his attention is caught by the several
whips and single tails hung neatly along the wall behind her. A sling is
hung from four chains and on hooks along the far wall black leather wrist
and ankle cuffs whisper his name lovingly.  


Guido thinks back to that night in the bar after a long day on the floor of
the NFB convention. As the margaritas relaxed his inhibitions the talk
turned to Screw the roses. They laugh as he asked: what kind of experiences
have you had with BDSM? Miss Kaitlyn says: I've done a little from time to
time. I like using a paddle at times and a few other play toys I have. 


Now as his anticipation runs like fire under his skin he wonders what he has
walked into. 


Chapter 2 tied up or this is not rush hour! 


Miss Kaitlyn



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