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I requested the book and it's "InTransit." If we're lucky, I'll get it tomorrow 
when I'm working there. If not, 
I'm sure it will be in by the end of the week. I'll send you the page numbers 
of the illustrations amd 
anything else (hopefully this is the same edition, but I only saw one edition 
in the catalog).

BTW -- good  general news. The Los Angeles Public Library (the one I use most) 
is now, apparently, 
putting summaries and selected book reviews, e.g.  from Publisher's Weekly and 
the Library Journal, 
online, so when you look up a book, (the newer ones) you can look at the 
reviews or summary.  This is a 
good way, I've found, to get synopses for bookshare -- Not that we'd quote, 
necessarily, but it might help, 
at least it helps me, to summarize or be more concise. Also, it helps me decide 
if I want to read (or 
validate or scan) a book. The San Diego Public Library also does that.

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