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Hi all,

I'm wondering if someone would rescan or at least reedit The Princeton
Review: Cracking the GRE by Jeff Soloway. It's currently up on the site. It's a terrific book - a great
deal of useful information. It's a good resource to have.
Nevertheless, parts of it need some work. At the very least, there's many
junk characters. There is a vocabulary word list, called a word parade,
that could use some reformatting as well. But primarily it has a math section that
is not easily read. It seems as though it is possible to fix up that
section with some work. It is not like a section with math problem after
math problem, rather it gives one example of each problem that it describes.
It likely won't scan well, but would be worth another try. If someone is
interested or dedicated enough, the problems could be typed in by hand.
None of them are so complex that they couldn't be done through a linear
electronic format.

I would be willing to further discuss the book if anyone is interested. I
think it would be great if someone were willing to take it on. It has
potential, and as I've said, it's the kind of thing that can be a selling
point for Bookshare if a nice copy is out there. I mean, we already advertise that we have LSAT study books, I think quality GRE prep material is a good addition.


Allison Hilliker

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