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Fantasy December 2008
"If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined 
to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which
we have no voice or representation."
~ Abigail Adams (1744-1818), wife of President John Adams and early advocate of 
women's rights
New and Recently Released!

Last Argument of Kings - by Joe Abercrombie
Publisher: Prometheus Books
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Pub Date: 9/23/2008
ISBN: 9781591026907
ISBN-10: 1591026903
Sword and Sorcery. Barbarian Logan Ninefingers is a killer with a conscience, 
which is just what his country needs. Besieged by the Northmen and Gurkish
forces, the fragile Union faces enemies on all sides as well as within, for 
there are traitors in the capital city of Adua. With allies including dutiful
Colonel West, torturer Glotka, and warrior woman Ferro, Logan must fight to 
save the Union using whatever means necessary in this 3rd and concluding volume
of Abercrombie's First Law series (after The Blade Itself and Before They Are 
Hanged). Publishers Weekly says that "readers will mourn the end of this
vivid story arc," but if you're new to this series, the excitement is just 

Toll the Hounds - by Steven Erikson
Publisher: Tor
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Pub Date: 9/16/2008
ISBN: 9780765310088
ISBN-10: 0765310082
Epic Fantasy. As the sweltering summer heat oppresses the city of Darujhistan 
(subduing even the legions of thieves and assassins which terrorize its 
newly created gods attempt to wrest power from established deities. Meanwhile, 
in the nearby city of Black Coral, Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, sees
an opportunity to avenge past wrongs. Canadian fantasy author Steven Erikson 
presents a gripping saga of magic and warfare in Toll the Hounds, the 8th
installment of his Malazan Book of the Fallen series. If you haven't read the 
earlier books yet, you'll want to start at the beginning with Gardens of
the Moon.
First Chapter

Duainfey - by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Publisher: Baen
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Pub Date: 9/2/2008
ISBN: 9781416555520
ISBN-10: 1416555528
Dark Fantasy. In the world of Falience, where human and Fey intermingle freely, 
Rebecca Beauvelley has a problem. Owing to a distinct lack of suitors--on
account of her withered arm and tarnished reputation--she must marry the 
elderly man her father has chosen for her. But when the mysterious Lord Altimere
shows up and presents her with a vision of two possible futures--one in which 
she is a battered wife and one in which she is dressed like royalty--she
elopes with him instead. Little does she know that Altimere has an ulterior 
motive for pursuing her. Authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, best known for
their Liaden novels, serve up an enchanting gothic fantasy in Duainfey.

Faefever - by Karen Marie Moning
Publisher: Delacorte Press
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Pub Date: 9/16/2008
ISBN: 9780385341639
ISBN-10: 0385341636
Dark Fantasy. Sidhe-seer MacKayla "Mac" Lane has a talent for uncovering 
Objects Of Power (OOPs), and now she's got her sights trained on the Sinsar 
the ancient "Dark Book" of magic that corrupts anyone who touches it. Sought by 
both the Seelie (who would prevent it from being misused) and the Unseelie
Fae (who would use it to gain power), the Sinsar Dubh may be Mac's only chance 
to find her sister's murderer. While searching for it, she becomes a key
player in a deadly conflict between rival Fae factions. Don't miss this 3rd 
installment of Karen Marie Moning's bestselling Fever series, which begins
with Darkfever and Bloodfever.
First Chapter

Going Under: Quantum Gravity, Book 3 - by Justina Robson
Publisher: Prometheus Books
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Pub Date: 9/23/2008
ISBN: 9781591026501
ISBN-10: 1591026504
Science Fantasy. Following the detonation of the Quantum Bomb of 2015, 
dimensions fused and exposed Earth to an onslaught of demons, elves, ghosts, and
elementals. Now, the robotically enhanced Special Agent Lila Black--damaged by 
Elves and rebuilt with technology--must venture into the world of the Fae
on a special mission. Lila needs all the help she can get, which in this case 
consists of her two husbands (an elf-lord and a demon) as well as the essence
of deceased necromancer Tath (which is stored in her chest). Don't miss Going 
Under, the third volume of Justina Robson's exhilarating sf/fantasy series.

Fatal Revenant - by Stephen R. Donaldson
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 10/9/2007
ISBN: 9780399154461
ISBN-10: 0399154469
Fantasy. In this sequel to Stephen R. Donaldson's acclaimed novel The Runes of 
Earth, healer Linden Avery's autistic son Jeremiah has been kidnapped by
Lord Foul the Despiser. Returning to the Land in search of Jeremiah, she finds 
the formerly mute boy alive and well and able to speak. Even stranger, he's
with her former lover Thomas Covenant--whom Avery knows to be dead. What's 
going on? Desperate for answers, she accompanies Thomas and Jeremiah on a quest
to save the Land from Lord Foul's corruption...but will she be able to save 
herself and her companions? Don't miss this "complicated and emotional 
of the Thomas Covenant saga" (Publishers Weekly).
Table of Contents
Independent Women
If you like strong heroines, you'll enjoy these books, which feature smart, 
resourceful, and sometimes weapon-wielding women who tackle seemingly 
odds to save the day. Warriors and stateswomen, private eyes, princesses, and 
priestesses, these literary ladies aren't afraid to stand up for themselves--or
what they believe in. You won't want to mess with them, but you'll enjoy 
reading about them.

The Eyre Affair: A Novel - by Jasper Fforde
Publisher: Penguin Books
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Pub Date: 2/1/2003
ISBN: 9780142001806
ISBN-10: 0142001805
Fantasy. In an alternate England where the Crimean War never ended and dodos 
are kept as pets, Special Operative Thursday Next is a literary detective.
And since fictional characters are as real as "real" people, that means they 
can be crime victims. When criminal mastermind Acheron Hades steals a Prose
Portal and kidnaps Jane Eyre from her book, it's up to Thursday to save the 
day. Can she thwart the diabolical Hades and reunite Jane and Mr. Rochester?
Find out in author Jasper Fforde's debut novel, which Kirkus Reviews calls a 
"unique stew of fantasy, science fiction, procedural, and cozy literary 
Fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett will love this clever, zany book.
First Chapter

A Stroke of Midnight: A Novel - by Laurell K. Hamilton
Publisher: Ballantine Books
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Pub Date: 11/28/2006
ISBN: 9780345443601
ISBN-10: 0345443608
Erotic Fantasy. Meredith Gentry lives in two worlds: in LA, she's a private 
investigator; in the world of Faerie, she is Princess Meredith NicEssus, heir
to the darkest throne in the realm: the Unseelie Court. Her worlds converge 
when a double homicide kicks off a murder investigation in the Faerie realm.
As if that weren't enough, Meredith must also deal with Faerie politics--for 
example, ensuring that her cousin Cel doesn't assassinate her and mating with
the sidhe males in order to consolidate her power. "Faeries, fornication and 
forensics fuse for yet another darkly fantastic frolic" says Publishers Weekly.
First Chapter

Fire Logic - by Laurie J. Marks
Publisher: Tor
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Pub Date: 3/1/2004
ISBN: 9780812566536
ISBN-10: 081256653X
High Fantasy. When the Sainnites invaded the land of Shaftal, the 
mountain-dwelling Ashawala'i kept themselves out of the fray. But when a 
Sainnite attack
on the peaceful tribe makes diplomat and fire elemental Zanja na'Tarwein the 
sole survivor of her people, she knows she must act. With new companions Paladin
Emil and earth witch Karis, a talented metalsmith, Zanja becomes a resistance 
fighter and the trio attempt to defeat the Sainnites. Publishers Weekly calls
Fire Logic "a work filled with an intelligence that zings off the page." If you 
like this novel, you'll want to read the other books in the Elemental Logic
series, starting with its sequel Earth Logic.
First Chapter

Greywalker - by Kat Richardson
Publisher: Roc
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Pub Date: 10/3/2006
ISBN: 9780451461070
ISBN-10: 045146107X
Urban Fantasy. After a brutal attack leaves her clinically dead for two 
minutes, private investigator Harper Blaine awakes with the ability to see 
that no one else can: ghosts, monsters, and the mysterious grey mist that 
conceals them. With the help of paranormal experts Ben and Mara Danziger, Harper
learns that she has become a Greywalker, which allows her not only to see the 
Grey but to enter it and interact with its inhabitants...a skill that proves
handy when tracking down vampires and ghosts. If you enjoy the work of 
Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher, then be sure to check out Greywalker.

Mistress of Dragons - by Margaret Weis
Publisher: Tor
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 5/1/2003
ISBN: 9780765304681
ISBN-10: 0765304686
High Fantasy. In Dragonvald, a Parliament of Dragons has sworn not to interfere 
with the humans who live in terror of them. Meanwhile, the humans look to
an order of magic-using priestesses--headed by the "Mistress of Dragons"--for 
protection. But when rogue dragon Maristara breaks the vow and begins eating
people, it's up to head priestess-elect Melisande to stop her. Forming an 
unlikely alliance with Draconas, a shapeshifting dragon who can disguise himself
as a mortal man, Melisande must restore the peace before it's too late. 
Bestselling fantasy author Margaret Weis spins another spellbinding tale in 
of Dragons, which Booklist calls "brilliantly conceived."
First Chapter

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