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On 1/5/10, Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A very warm welcome. Kane. The book ["The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire"] 
> > sounds very interesting.

From the small amount I've actually read so far, Cindy, it is.  This
chronicles a rather bizarre part of Mexican history--more or less
contemporary with theWar Between the States here in North
America--when the Europeans actually took over Mexico again for a few
years.  This is actually many years after the Mexicans officially
emancipated themselves from Spain.  This time, in the 1860s, it was a
member of the Habsburg dynasty named Maximilian who was appointed as
emperor of Mexico.  I'm not sure why the United States didn't
intervene, but I suspect it had to do with our preoccupation with the
Civil War and Reconstruction up here, and with the ensuing financial
collapse that happened shortly afterward.

But since this is a novel, written from the perspective of an American
socialite who marries into that aristocratic scene and who must adjust
to playing the part of a royal, this is very down-to-earth.  It
doesn't read like a middle school history primer.

Because I am fairly new to formal scanning, and since this is far from
my full-time job, it'll be awhile before this is available to
Bookshare proofers.  I am on P. 133 after two days, but still have at
least 300 more to go.

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