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Dear Pam and booksharian Friends,

It is a coup for Bookshare to be getting books directly from Saddleback Press. 
Have you notoced the many high interest low vocabulary books from the Orca 
series already in the collection? The ones I'm familiar with are primarily for 
middle school and older kids, though there might be a branch of that series 
directed to younger readers. 

Always with love,


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Signed Our Agreement

  Bookshare friends,

  This Publisher is exactly what my son, Trevor, needs!!! These books that are 
the interest level of his age, but reading level much lower.  This is wonderful 
news for all the young dyslexics out there!

  Very Pleased,


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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] FW: Saddleback Educational Publishing Has Signed 
Our Agreement


  The memo below was just circulated to all Bookshare staff. The wiki has been 
updated to reflect the change.

  Scott Rains

  Saddleback Educational Publishing, established in 1982 and based in Irvine, 
California, has signed our agreement, giving us world rights to their titles.  
They are migrating to EPUB from PDF and their files will be distributed by 
TecKnoQuest, a distributor for many U.S. educational publishers, based in 

  Saddleback’s list is an ideal one for Bookshare’s.  Their focus is on 
intervention for struggling learners.  They publish thousands of high-interest, 
low-reading-level curriculum materials well as educational paperbacks for 
students ages 10 to 16 in middle school and high school and in alternative 
education and special education.  They also serve adult learners.  Their aim is 
to provide students with materials presented at a low enough instructional 
level so that more valuable time can be spent teaching content. All their 
materials are also appropriate for learning English as asecond language.  

  Their hip and engagingly designed series range from biographies (everyone 
from Albert Einstein to American Idol stars – to Helen Keller!) to series on 
American history, science, social science, math, and language arts.  

  They are an important and visible member of the Association of Educational 
Publishers and Tim McHugh, the VP of Sales and Marketing, who spearheaded 
getting the agreement signed, is a highly respected voice in educational 
publishing.  Along with his highly regarded peers in the AEP who have signed 
with Bookshare -- Bill Evans (Evan-Moor), Mike Ross (Encyclopaedia Britannica), 
John Morse (Merriam-Webster), Becky Snyder (ABC-CLIO) and David Beamon 
(National Science Teachers Association) -- we now have critical advocates in 
this influential organization.   Additionally, Saddleback’s (and Evan-Moor’s) 
distributor, Kevin Davis of TecKnoQuest, who has also been a big supporter of 
Bookshare, will be playing an important role ongoing of advocating for 
Bookshare with his clients.  



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