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  • Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 21:40:31 -0600

Hi Carrie!

Thanks for explaining the possibilities for error messages. I never had a clue in the old days why a book didn't upload. Every book has uploaded fine since I started volunteering in the new system in late October.


At 10:09 AM 12/30/2009, Carrie Karnos wrote
Hi gang,

There are only three situations that I know of, where submitting or uploading a book fails. 1. This applies only to books where the author's first name is an initial (like J. D. Robb or K. A. Applegate). For some reason, when you put in a book like that, the system occasionally but not always creates a new author name that looks exactly the same as the old author name. Then when you try to upload a book with the same name, it crashes with an error message about duplicate author names. I have numerous tickets into Engineering about this, and they've promised a fix, but I don't know when that will be fixed. What I do to get around this (and I just did this an hour ago) is to put the two initials together (like J.D. Robb or K.A. Applegate). It's hokey but it works. I'm keeping a list of all the authors I have to go back and change once this bug is fixed. 2. This applies only to books with tables, which are almost always non-fiction. The system will crash if there are nested tables, meaning that inside one of the cells of a table is another table. The way to fix this is to remove the nested table, by making it text. 3. If you try to submit or upload a zero length file, the system will complain. The solution obviously is to make sure that your file contains a book! I don't know what the upper bound is. The system has accepted books that were 50-100M, which I then rejected since they contained pictures. Everyone in this group already knows about removing pictures, so I don't see this very often.

If your book doesn't fall into any of these categories, then I have no idea why it would fail. As a LAST resort, you can email me the book and I'll try to put it in. For some reason, I have better luck than other people at putting books in. I'll work with Pavi to adjust credits so the submitter and/or proofer retain them.


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