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I think the assumption is that once a book is added to the collection that there is no legitimate reason to contact the person who worked on it. It would be a violation of privacy to provide email addresses to just anyone who might be browsing the Bookshare site. If it is really necessary to contact the person I suppose you need to either post here to see if anyone has the contact information or contact Bookshare with the request, and if you do the latter I doubt that you will get a positive response unless you have a really good reason.

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If I want to contact a scanner or proofer of a book, how do I find their information? This is after a book has been added to the collection. I click on their name when it says "submitted by" or "proofread by" and I see a list of their books but not their e-mail address. Am I missing something? Do I need to search differently? I even tried this with my own name because I know I allow others to see my e-mail address and I got the same results.

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