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You may also want to look at shopping.com and type in Compact Flash to see what each store offers. I bought Secure Digital cards for my Trecker for half the amount I would have spent at Bestbuy. Just another option for you.

Sharon & Lia
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I use my Braillenote for reading and editing books and keeping lesson plans
and basically all the material I need during the day. So I have a variety
of Compact Flash memory cards, mostly 128 mb ones as I am really cheap,
smile. Anyway, I was looking for a fairly cheap 256 today, and came across
a pretty good deal. I don't own stock in Scadisk or Buy.com but the price
was top notch. www.buy.com is selling 512 mb cards from the scan disk
company for $41.00 and with shipping it comes to $47.00 Best Buy where I
usually buy my cards charges over $100 for their 512 mb cards. And the
other websites I was looking at were charging $50 or more for the 512 mb

The internet is a great thing. I love comparison shopping on line, it is
totally accessible, and doesn't require navigating an unfamiliar place, well
physically, smile, or dealing with those darn touch screen machines for
debit cards and the like.

It is a great tool especially if you live in a small town.

I just wanted to pass it on if anyone else is on the search for cheap and
portable memory.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc. Graduate Advisory Council www.guidedogs.com

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