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Speaking of which, Monica, I got the box you sent to me some time this week. 
I'll get to them when I can. I'll double-check them with the collection 
before I start scanning to make sure none of them are there, since I don't 
know when I'll get to them, but I do know it'll take me a while to get to 
all of them. There were quite a few, which I certainly don't mind. Thanks 
for sending them. Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I did cross check them before I sent the books. Of course, some of them
may have been in process.


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Hello Monica,

I received the box of books that you sent. A question, have you cross
checked if these are on bookshare yet? If so I will have MJ cut them today
if not I cross check them before cutting them? You can respond here but also
include my SStarAngel@xxxxxxx address because I can check that one from work

And Thanks to I believe it is Allison that sent the other books those are
going to the cutter today:)

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Hi  Everyone,

I hope to see you all on the BookShare conference on Wednesday night, June
29th. Time: 8 PM CDT. (Central Daylight Time),
9 PM EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time.)  6 PM California, Oregon and Washington.

The BookShare conference will be to talk about BookShare and scanning OCR
software, what books everyone is reading.

We had a great time last week.

The conference line number is: 619-345-3000. When you hear the words
"Welcome to the Conference call, a service of www.freeconference.com." Just
press the number 2. Then when prompted to enter a code, enter the following
code: 2665. That is the code we'll use for the BookShare conference room.

There is no cost to anyone for using the service, only the cost of the call.

I'll be there on Wednesday night at 8 PM, my time. Hope to see you all
there! <smile>

Thanks much.

Pat Ferguson

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