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O.K. so I reckon the topic of this book seems a bit odd, but it is an 
intriguing book and quite informative.  Should be an easy proof for someone.


Let There Be Light: A Book About Windows

James Cross Giblin

HarperCollins Publishers

Copyright Date:

Copyrighted By:
James Cross Giblin

Brief Synopsis:
Surveys the development of windows from prehistory to the modern era.

Long Synopsis:
Windows are our eyes on the world. Through them we can gaze at our surroundings 
and, looking out, feel connected to the larger world outside. Windows transform 
our interiors, filling a room with light and letting cool breezes in. Windows 
protect us. But windows are vulnerable, too. A well-aimed rock can shatter one 
in an instant. For as long as there have been buildings, there have been 
windows. A simple roof hole, a narrow slit-these served as windows in early 
structures. Later windows might be covered with anything from mica to paper to 
a fish bladder; the transparent pane of glass we take for granted today took 
many centuries to develop. In the Middle Ages, with the achievement of stained 
glass, windows became the focus of a great outpouring of artistic expression. 
Today the "walls of glass" of the modern skyscraper represent the ultimate 
window. In this wide-ranging history, we also learn of the role windows have 
played in many dramatic events, from castle sieges to the infamous 
Kristallnacht of Nazi Germany to riots that scarred American cities in the 
1960s. With the aid of splendid pictures, James Cross Giblin traces the 
intriguing development of windows-in our homes, our houses of worship, our 
offices, and public buildings-and shows how they illuminate our lives. 

Has been read through. page numbers need to be added to blank pages. blank 
pages contain photographs, and illustrations which are described somewhat in 
the caption. Has some foreign names and words. Should be a easy proof. if you 
have questions please contact me: juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Adult content:

English US 

Book Quality:

Nonfiction, History, Children's Books, Art and Architecture 

B4E Significant:

SFWA Challenged:

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