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    Dear Booksharians, 

Because I had a great surprise guest for Christmas, I got behind validating but 
will be back to work on the 26th. I had the last 7 pages of the very long index 
at the end of the book of lost tales volume one to finish validating and two 
maps to describe before uploading it. If Anyone has this book by Christopher 
Tolkien, the first volume in the history of middle earth, I'd appreciate it so 
much if you'd return it to step one so I can cap off this difficult project at 

Before I return to holiday hostessing I send you my heartfelt wishes for a 
wonderful Christmas and holiday season. It will be a joy catching up with your 
e mail on the 26th and to dive in to validating again. 

Always with love,

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  I have submitted Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress, the author of One 
Mississippi. He has a wonderful ability to mix humor and serious and I think 
his use of dialog is outstanding. I hope one of you will enjoy validating this 
book as much as I enjoyed scanning and reading it. 

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