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I need to thank you for two things. First, I notice one of my own wish list items in the list of those that are being added by Bookshare. I had given up on adding anything to the wish list myself because no one was bothering to pick them up. Now, I just might be inspired to add other titles that are too difficult or expensive for me to obtain or are too difficult for me to scan. Second, I would like to thank you for providing attachments that I can actually read without worrying about having to download and learn new software. Now I have a question. My practice has been to privately inform Cindy when one of my scans is added to the collection so that she may remove it from the books being scanned list. Should I now do this with the books being scanned list email address or, since Bookshare is managing this, is that information automatically picked up and so the titles will be removed automatically?

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"Grandma" Cindy has been the dynamo behind the Wish List and Books Being Scanned List. Recently she has done a total review of the Wish List and its archives. More than a "one category hero" she is also someone who takes on tough proofreading jobs.

In 2011 one of my top priorities is to rally the resources of Benetech to help veteran volunteers like Cindy excel. Starting today the two lists Cindy has become synonymous with will be managed in-house at Bookshare - and Cindy will be free to tackle the backlog of proofing on her personal wish list! A big Thank You to Cindy from all of us.

Earlier I announced that Collection Development would be thinning out the Wish List at the end of January. The first part of that project has begun with 61 non-fiction books being removed from the Wish List and passed over to our vendors to complete. Attached is that list in both Word and Excel. A second similar-sized group of fiction books will follow shortly. Again, thank you Cindy for the hours you spend making sure we had an exhaustive list to work from for this task.

Over the next several months more automation will be used to maintain the Wish List and Books Being Scanned List. For example, it is now necessary to send an email to one of the following to addresses to get on the list. No one will be scanning this discussion list and automatically adding books as Cindy has done. At the same time, it is still a good idea to mention here which books you are adding to the lists and maybe inspire someone to take it to the next step.

Submit your notices to:



The Wish List format will be briefer and items will remain on it for 3 months. To start we will post the lists every two weeks to the Bookshare Volunteer Discussion List and update the wiki once during February. As we work put the inevitable glitches in the new process posting and updates will become more frequent.

Scott Rains
Benetech Fellow

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