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  • From: Al Weinrub <Allen.Weinrub@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 15:00:00 -0700

Dear Folks,

For the last couple weeks there has been a pretty lively discussion 
about which offshoring issues the NWU might tackle and how to go about 
doing that.

In the meantime, the spring 2004 special offshoring issue of the 
American Writer should have reached you, with the Offshoring Maze on the 
cover. The discussion on this list and the American Writer articles 
suggest some work that would help in formulating an offshoring strategy 
for the union. The current electoral season provides important incentive 
to move forward.

1. Position Papers:

The discussion on this list has pointed to a few issues that list 
members feel are important in convincing potential allies that 
offshoring runs counter to some important national interests.

- Offshoring threatens personal privacy
- Offshoring uses public subsidies to undermine the livlihoods of 
American workers
- Offshoring threatens vital national infrastructure systems

Bruce Hartford has suggested that such positions be researched and 
written up as "white papers" and issue summaries for use in any 
campaign. That seems like a very sensible suggestion.

2. Alliances:

Both on this discussion list and in the American Writer, reference has 
been made to what other organizations and unions are doing on the 
offshoring issue. This activity needs to be researched, and we have to 
determine where the NWU has interests we can pursue in common with other 

3. Legislation:

It will be important for us to know what legislation is in the pipeline 
both locally, state-wide, and at the national level.

In dealing with a specific timetable for any of this work, we will need 
to assess the resources we can bring to bear. I want you to know that 
the National Executive Committee, at its meeting two weeks ago, asked 
that I help organize the effort to propose a specific anti-offshoring 
campaign for the union. The NEC also provided some limited staff 
resources (Kenya Briggs will be working part-time with me) to help 
spearhead that effort.

Our ability to do anything as a union depends more on the voluntary 
labor we can devote to this issue than it does on staff assistance. So 
as a concrete step, I will soon be asking members of this discussion 
list if they would be able to help in the investigations required in 
areas #1 (position/issue papers), #2 (what other organizations are 
doing), or #3 (what legislation is in the pipeline).

In the meantime, it would be good to hear your response to Bruce's 
specific proposal, to the articles in the American Writer special issue, 
or to what I have just summarized above.

(1st VP, NWU)
SF Bay Area

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