[biztech-discussion] More on latest Forrester report and misperceptions re offshoring

  • From: Ann Thryft <athryft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 08:01:16 -0700

McCarthy, the guy  being interviewed here, is the author of the now
notorious first Forrester report which initiated the whole offshoring
discussion, as well as a recent update.

In this interview, Forrester goes into quite some detail about why and
how the press has mis-reported and misunderstood his research
(essentially, the issues are more complex than their attention spans
allow), why US Dept. of Labor stats seem to contradict his numbers (they
don't), why offshoring is relatively invisible at first (cuts start with
contractors who don't have to be reported), why the mass media press is
now under-reporting the issue (war in Iraq, employers not reporting or
using nearly impenetrable euphemisms to describe their offshoring
actions), and how/why offshoring is not well-managed enough to really
make it profitable for many companies, at least right now.

In other words, it's all in the details...


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