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Hi All,
Today, while Lynda and I were having lunch with Fred and Janice Martin and Dave 
Worley at the Peking Restaurant in Grundy, we ran into one of Lynda's former 
students. The young lady was asking about the bird club, and she told us of 
seeing a "Timberdoodle" (her word choice) or American Woodcock about a week ago 
at the mouth of Poplar Creek west of Grundy. She said the bird was doing its 
customary forward and back bobbing motion as it crossed the road.
It might be interesting to check out that area to see if there is a singing 
area there where the male Woodcocks do their mating flights in an attempt to 
attract a mate.

By the way, for those who don't know, Timberdoodle is one of the many names 
used for Woodcock. Some of the others listed in the National Audubon Society 
Encyclopedia of North American Birds are:

Big Eyes, Big Headed Snipe, Big Mud Snipe, Blind Snipe, Bog Bird, Bog Borer, 
Bog Sucker, Hookum Pake, Labrador Twister, Night Partridge, Siphon Snipe, 
Whistler, Whistling Snipe and Wood Hen, though Wood Hen in this area usually 
refers to the Pileated Woodpecker.

From what I could find Hookum Pake was or is a name for Woodcock used in 
Maryland. I couldn't find the origin of the word.
For those who have never seen a Timberdoodle a photo is attached.

Roger Mayhorn 

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