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On Saturday, Nov 5, six members of the Buchanan County Bird Club joined seven 
members of the Bibbee Nature Club of Bluefield WV to spend the day birding the 
Bluestone Dam and New River, Sandstone Falls area. The morning was cool, but 
the day became a warm, comfortable and enjoyable one to be out birding with 
friends. An early adult Bald Eagle flying low overhead was a sign that the day 
was going to be a good one, and it was. Forty-six species were counted for the 
day. The group found several species of waterfowl including 4 Tundra Swans on 
Mountain Valley Lake. The day's list follows these two photos. (If anyone knows 
of any species left off the list contact me)


Roger Mayhorn
Compton Mt

46 species

Canada Geese 341

Tundra Swan 4

Domestic Geese 4

Wood Duck 11

American Wigeon 2

American Black Duck 31

Mallard 66

Blue-winged Teal 4

Green-winged Teal 3

Ring-necked Duck 36

Lesser Scaup 4

Bufflehead 1

Hooded Merganser 7

Common Merganser 21

Pied-billed Grebe 7

Double-crested Cormorant 5

Great Blue Heron 9

Black and Turkey Vultures 98

Bald Eagle 1ad

Red-tailed Hawk 10

American Coot 86

Killdeer 8

Belted Kingfisher 6

Rock Pigeon 4

Mourning Dove 18

Cedar Waxwing 7

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1

Downy Woodpecker 4

Northern Flicker 3

Pileated Woodpecker 4

American Crow 11

Blue Jay 11

Chickadee sp? 7

Carolina Wren 5

Golden-crowned Kinglet 4

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2

American Robin 2

Northern Mockingbird 2

Yellow-rumped Warbler 3

Song Sparrow 10

White-throated Sparrow 3

Dark-eyed Junco 3

Northern Cardinal 8

Red-winged Blackbird 1

House Finch 2

House Sparrow 26

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