[bbnwn] Re: Gah! Still having that server problem!!

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DM Client isn't suppose to be on the dedicated server.  It's on a computer that 
someone is playing off of.  Like I said before on the saving issue... try 
setting up the server options through the client by setting up a new 
multiplayer game and setting up your server...  You'll need the CD to do this, 
but once they are set up, exit the client and run the NWServer.exe, you won't 
need the CD and the settings will be saved to what you set in the client.  That 
is probably the quickest way to get it saved and up.  I'm not sure where you 
can find server commands


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Ok, all you techie geek-heads!! We need solutions!! <g>

We're READY to set this third computer up as a dedicated server, but can't find 
any instructions for using the server interface nwnserver.exe program. Has 
anyone seen any?  If you open it up, there are lots of fields to enter and 
passwords, etc. But how do you save the info? And we can't go through the DM 
client there, cause you have to have the play disc in the computer to do that 
and this third computer wasn't going to use that.  

Can I at least get pointed to a good forum question with answers? Can you tell 
we're frustrated. ;)

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