[bactttoma] Sensational news Melbourne Storm National Rugby League Team in massive trouble

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 23:10:15 +1000

Hi folks.

Ok this may be off topic but I am posting it here anyway.

Melbourne Storm National Rugby League Club in massive trouble.

Today it was finally discovered that Melbourne Storm had major  salary breaches.

According to a press statement released by nrl ceo David Gallop it was 
discovered by an investigation that there were 2 sets of books.

In  what some are saying is one  of the toughest penalties yet, the Storm were 
stripped of their last 2 premiership grand final wins along with their last 2 
minor premierships along with all points secured for this season so far.

If this wasn't enough, Gallop went further to say that even if the Storm won 
any more games this season, they would not be awarded with any competition 

The Storm were also stripped of about 1.7 million in prize money, not to 
mention they must also pay a fine to the nrl for the salary breaches.

Sources allege and I stress allege that these salary breaches started when 
Brian Waldren now ceo of the new Melbourne rebels aru franchise coming in 2011 
to the aru competition.

Waldren not surprisingly was unavailable for comment today, it will be 
interesting to see if he appears on his regular spot on sen sports 
entertainment network with Kevin Bartlet tomorrow FRiday morning at 10 o'clock.

I will be listening to find out at any rate, and will not be surprised if 
Waldren doesn't front the station at all tomorrow.

Players would not comment when leaving Princes Park training today.

Sydney commentators are giving the Storm little sympathy, particularly Tommy 
redonicas who told the run home program on sen today exactly what he thought.

Tommy never liked the storm or the nrl idea of putting a side in Melbourne to 
begin with.

What is interesting however, is news limited who owns the nrl and the storm and 
part of foxtel and foxsports and who had Cameron Smith in trouble for weeks now 
over his deal with foxsports are saying they knew nothing about this whole 
affair, ha, no surprises there, what did we think they would say?

Well, it will be interesting to see and hear what happens next.  Will the storm 

Will the sponsors stay onboard?

Will news limited just simply abandon the storm?

Considering they get no points even if they win every game and the grand final 
even though they will get no recognition for doing so, what is there to play 

Will the current squad of players hang around?

Or will they take off for other clubs?

And what about the die hard fans?

Will the members and the fans stick it out?

Will they hang around?

And what happens if news limited is found to also be covering things up?

Will news limited also have to give up their ownership of the nrl and its 
television rites?

And if so, can nrl hope for free to heir coverage ever again?

And how will foxtel and foxsports fair out of all of this?

Will this be another case of corporate giants being allowed to cover things up 
just like Alan Bond did?

And if the worst happens and more breaches are discovered?

Will the nrl keep the storm as a franchise?

And if not, will they ever consider another Melbourne franchise?

And then there is the question of playing state of origin matches in Melbourne?

Will this ever happen again?

And if so, will storm players still be welcome by Nsw and Qld.

There are still 1000 questions to be answered.

One thing is for sure, I won't gloat either way, I have never followed nrl but 
I do feel sorry for the thousands of storm members if the club folds and nobody 
pays any money back to them and let alone the players.



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