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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 12:51:47 +1000

Hi folks.

I know this may be considered off topic by people here, but I love this speech 
so much, I just had to share it.

Let me tell you all about some funny memories of granny.

One time she made me a cup of coffee, all went well until it came to putting 
the coffee in the cup.

The coffee was put in successfully, but granny forgot it was supposed to be 
coffee and added a tea bag and sugar and milk as well.

I remember another time when granny was feeding the cat.  My grandparents were 
never without a cat.

When one cat went to cat heaven, another one was bought almost immediately 

They have always bought short haired persians for cats.

Well, there was this time when they baby sat a neighbours dog.

Fortunately, the cat and dog got on really well which isn't usual unless you 
buy them both at the same time as a kitten and a puppy respectively.

Well, granny went to feed the animals.

But she got the food mixed up.

The cat ended up with the dog food and the dog ended up with the cat food.

Needless to say,  both the cat and the dog got sick.

Then there was the time when granny sent me a knitting pattern.

Well, that's what it was supposed to be anyway.

But it was a sowing pattern instead.

And now here is my message for you all.

The photographs will fade.  The dvd may one day be replaced by better 

But what will  I Amanda share with my children when they are born?

What will I Amanda  share with my grand children when they come along?

I will sit them on my lap and I will tell them this story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful angel who was my grandmother.

She taught me to love, to cherish, to be honest, to trust, to respect, to 
listen, and to teach you her gifts.

Her gifts are many, uncounted as the grains of sand are on a beach, or the 
stars in the skies.

As abundant as the light from the sun or the moon or the rain from the clouds.

As countless as the salt in the sea and more cherished than any  precious 
jewels of the earth.

I sit you on my lap today my child, my grand child to tell you of all of the 
wonderful and most precious and most cherished memories.

I sit you on my lap to tell you that you are also capable of living a full life 
just like granny did and all you need to do is make the choice to do so.

And now another star shines in our hearts forever.

Let me share the light, the love the warmth of this comforting star with you my 
children, my grand children, so this comforting light will shine for you in 
times of darkness, in times of fear, in times of trouble, in times of sadness 
and most importantly, in times of happiness.

My child, my grand child, this angel is always with you just as she is with me.

And now, its time for us to say goodbye.

Do not forget to cherish my grandmothers gifts all of you, for only through you 
gathered here today, can these gifts live on forever.

This would be my grandmothers message to you.

Forgive those who do you wrong, even if they do not forgive you.

Love one another, as I have loved you.

Lay down your lives for one another, this is the greatest love a person can 
have for one another.

Give everyone you meet unconditional love, just as I gave you unconditional 

Work together to resolve your problems, your hardships, just as I did for you.

By doing this, you will honour me and all of your memories of me and these 
memories will live on long after the last photograph has long faded away as the 
sun fades away in the sunset.

Goodbye.  Grieve for me no longer, for I am always with you, and we shall meet 
again one day,  beyond the sundering seas and the wide open skies, and we shall 
sore with the wings of eagles, and  once more, we shall be together forever in 
everlasting piece.

Goodbye my angel grandmother.

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