[AZ-Observing] Re: March 28 report from Hovatter Norte

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Sorry if anyone gets this twice - I "overquoted" the first time...

Since Tom mentioned it, I posted the galaxy snapshot on our blog at:

Since there was only a single 60 second exposure, a processed version may
be a little bit off!  I mostly showed it to him prior to the MM because I
knew he was a hockey fan, and also he had some hand in compiling the
observing list I drew the objects from.

Also, a post or two down the page is our doodling about Saturday's Messier


> Before nightfall on on Saturday, Dean Ketelsen showed a nice image he
took on Friday night of NGC 4631 and NGC 4656.  This was on the display
on the back of his camera, so I'm looking forward to the processed
version.  I think he took this through a Hyperstar setup what appeared
to be a C14.
> Tom
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> Paul;
> AJ said, about NGC 4656, "the center is not in the middle!".  True, the
core seems to be off to one side.  A strange shape indeed.  And 4631 is
truly massive and very mottled.  Lots of fun.
> Steve Coe

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