[AZ-Observing] Eclipse Photos and Movies

  • From: Tom Polakis <tpolakis@xxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 22:07:59 -0400

A group of us did a long weekend of observing through eclipse night at a site 
between Kanab and Page, less than two miles north of the centerline.  Like 
everybody else in the Southwest, we experienced very good conditions.

I set up a TV101 with a Herschel wedge that we used visually only for 
white-light views.  Next to it was a 70mm Pronto equipped with a 60mm Coronado 
H-alpha filter.  Use of that scope alternated between visual and webcam videos. 
 A Canon 50D with a 300mm lens and a timer remote was used for some telephoto 
time lapse sequences.  Finally, a long time-lapse sequence was done with a 20D 
and a fisheye.

The gallery is here.  Some of the files are large.


The first animated GIF, sped up 25 times, is deliberately overexposed in an 
attempt to capture first contact on the chromosphere before it could be seen in 
white light.  The second image is a still frame of a "fila-prom" not long 
before second contact.  

I was too mesmerized by Baily's Beads and second contact to put the camera in 
the focuser, but the third file shows third contact, again sped up by a factor 
of 25..

The fourth and fifth files used the 300mm telephoto lens.  They are sequences 
around the middle of annularity.  Start time was critical, and it was great to 
learn that SkySafai nailed the time of central eclipse at our location.  Rumors 
that Lynn Blackburn watched the entire eclipse on SkySafari proved to to be 

Finally, we moved the equipment to a location on the field with a clearer shot 
of a distant horizon to view the setting, eclipsed sun in white light through 
the wedge.  I photographed it at a 6-second interval.

As usual, the best visual view during mid-eclipse was at 1x, through the solar 

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