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FYI, when driving south on Cherry road, the site's on the LEFT, right? The old 
site is on the right. I wasn't aware of the cow. - Paul

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You drive up 17 past Cordes Junction note construction at the Cordes  
Junction interchange so watch your speed, go past the Dugas Orme School  exit. 
Another five or six miles you come to the Cherry Rd Exit. When you  get to 
Cherry Rd exit you will turn right proceed over the overpass and follow  Cherry 
Rd past the Landfill another two or Three miles you come to a sign that  
say's Cherry. You want to go south on cherry rod. Abotu a mile or so south you 
 will come to a clearing on the right and that is the place. If you have 
you  window down you will probably smell a dead cow without its head. Then you 
will  know you have found the site.
I used to observe quite often at the Table Mesa Rd site but after Anthem  
went in that pretty much killed it for me. At least there were no dead cows 
that  I remember.  :)
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