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I'm still recovering and getting the motivation to start the preliminary
report, but a short take is the 2013 AAMM was a success. We had a large
turnout, including the usual suspects and quite a few new folks attending
their first event. It was good to see that many of the newcomers were
younger folks, and they were eager to learn and participate. 

The weather was near perfect for a marathon. Clear (the seeing wasn't so
good, but for the marathon, you can put up with that) and the temps were
comfortable, I didn't layer up until I woke from my midnight nap at 0200.

109 object was all that was doable as M30 rose too deep into morning
twilight to be visible and many observers saw all 109, with a good showing
for 108 (mostly missing M74) and also quite a few with 107 (M73 being the
elusive one here).

Thanks need to go out to all who participated and a special shout out again
to Claude Haynes & EVAC for their continued support and sponsoring the
Midnight snack bar. 

A preliminary tally will be published later this week, to be used for
validation & correction purposes only, the final report will come as soon as
practical after all info has been validated. Awards will be printed and
plaques ordered after that, hopefully by the April meetings, May for sure.

If anyone has photos they took while at the event, please forward them on to
me or post them on the All Arizona Messier Marathon Facebook page:

If you didn't Catch me before I left the site (I know I said I'd be there
till 0900, but I needed to get back early for family reasons), please
contact me off list to arrange getting your checklist to me so I can include
you in the result and ensure you get your award.

It was good to be back out under a dark sky again. It's been way too long
(April 11, according to my Sky Commander)

Hope you're feeling better
Clear Skies

Rick Tejera (K7TEJ)
Sagauro Astronomy Club
Thunderbird Amatuer Radio Club
30 Meter Digital Group # 5794
Feld Hell Club #3994
OMISS #8629

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Hi Folks,

I know it was a bit thick in town, but I've not seen any reports about the
weekend (aside from Steve's).  How was the weekend?

Still enjoying my Vicodin-induced exile...

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