[az-leader] Anti-environmentalist rhetoric and the Goldwater Range

  • From: Cary Meister <cwm4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 22:31:16 -0700

The (Yuma, Arizona) Sun newspaper published an anti-environmentalist
editorial on Feb. 13 which opened:

>Environmental policies have consequences

>Feb 13, 2002

>Although environmentalists like to wrap themselves in a warm glow of
doing good to protect the world's animal and plant
>species, the consequences for the human species do not have the same

>We have seen that in our own area where restrictions demanded by
environmentalists to protect a plant in the Imperial Sand
 >Dunes have severely hampered recreational use of the area and impacted
the businesses that support those uses.

>Even more sinister are environmental proposals that could restrict use
of the Barry Goldwater Bombing Range east of >Yuma.  Proposals to
designate the area as a national park or a wilderness area would be very
harmful to military >operations. The result would be a reduced military
presence in our community and the economic harm that would follow, >not
to mention the harmful impact on our nation's military preparedness.

For the full text of the editorial, go to

Both Daniel Patterson of the Center for Biological Diversity and I had
letters published in the Yuma paper challenging the statements made in
the editorial.  You can find Daniel's letter at
www.yumasun.com/artman/publish/story_289.shtml and mine at

I have only included the links for the letters to keep your e-mail
download time to a minimum.  If you can't access the articles and would
like copies of them, please e-mail me at yumaaspres@xxxxxxxxx

Cary Meister
Conservation Chairman
Yuma Audubon Society

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