[az-leader] $30 million Heritage Fund hit

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  • Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 16:50:32 -0700

This week the Legislature announced its proposed budgets for the 
remainder of the 2003 fiscal year and the 2004 fiscal year.

These budgets included taking $20 million for the Heritage Fund for 2003 
and $10 million for 2004 for a

total of a $30 million dollar hit to the Heritage Fund.

For fiscal year 2002 the Heritage Fund
only received $17.5 million.

As soon as the Game & Fish and State Parks departments release 
information as what affect this will have on their programs our web site at
www.arizonaheritagealliance.org <http://www.arizonaheritagealliance.org>
will be updated.

However we already know that this will result in the closure of a number 
of State Parks,  the end of many educational and other programs, the 
loss of matching Federal  funds and heightened threats to our wildlife 
and other resources.

We need you help on Monday & Tuesday!

Please call or email your legislators and request that the
Heritage Fund not be swept into the General Fund.

The loss of this program will not only damage our State's resources but 
its loss will cause additional damage to our current economy.

To contact your Representatives or find your Legislator's name
please click the link below


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