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  • From: David Bailes <david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 08:28:19 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Robbie,
have you checked whether this is a screen reader problem? When the problem 
occurs, what happens if you restart Jaws, or run narrator (ctrl+windows key+u 
turns it on or off, and you can run it while Jaws is still running).


On Thu, 26/12/13, Robbie <tickleberryfun@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Subject: [audacity4blind] strange menu behaviur
 To: "Audacity for Blind Users" <audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Date: Thursday, 26 December, 2013, 21:31
 Hi! I’m experiencing a
 strange phenomenon after Audacity has been running for a
 while. When pressing alt-t JAWS announces Tracks as
 expected. However, the Tracks menu does not open as usual. I
 need to press cursor down to actually enter it. Then the
 first item (Add New) is announced. When I then press either
 n or cursor right to enter the Add New submenu, I’m
 suddenly in the File menu. It’s impossible to add a
 new track this way. I then assigned ctrl-shift-n to
 the New Stereo Track command and this works. However, even
 when pressing this shortcut, sometimes the context menu pops
 up. When closing it by pressing Escape the new track is
 there. This does not occur
 always but after I’ve been working on a project for
 some time. Any ideas? I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 with
 JAWS 15 on Windows 8.  Thanks.

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