[audacity4blind] Re: playing from the end of the selection

  • From: Thomas Byskov Dalgaard <tbd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 17:53:08 +0100

Hi Gene!

The commands for moving the start or end of the selection is already 
implemented. You can find more details in the guide David has written for 
Audacity and screenreaders.
It works great here, though I might remap them since I mess them up sometimes, 


Best regards
> Den 27/11/2014 kl. 16.09 skrev Gene <gsasner@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Not just that one keystroke.  There needs to be a system like that 
> implemented in Mp3 Direct Cut.  One key plays from the start marker and 
> continues play for a few seconds.  Another key plays from the end marker and 
> continues play for a few seconds.  there also needs to be keys that move the 
> start marker back and forward in very small increments.  Keys to move the end 
> marker in the same way should be implemented as well.  If anyone interested 
> in these suggestions and how easy they make precise editing will experiment 
> with Mp3 Direct Cut, they may understand why Audacity is so cumbersome and 
> undesirable to use for precise editing by blind people.  I suspect it is 
> cumbersome for sighted people as well.  After all, the Mp3 Direct Cut editing 
> system was not designed for blind people, it was designed for everyone.  And 
> while I haven't played with Gold Wave much, it appears to have a similar 
> system.  To do precise editing with reasonable convenience, we need to be 
> able to move both the start and end markers in tiny increments and hear, any 
> time we wish, the exact effect of those movements while not making any actual 
> change in the file. 
> When editing with Mp3 Direct cut, I set the markers to where it sounds as 
> though they should be set.  I then delete the material between the markers 
> and I then play a section starting a bit before the edit and extending a bit 
> beyond it.  If the edit I made is not what I want, I use control z to undo 
> the edit, move one or both markers incrementally, then delete and listen 
> again.  This method allows editing so precise that I can remove part of a 
> piece of music and the deletion is inaudible in terms of being able to hear 
> the edit.  for example, I can remove a chorus and verse from a song and 
> resume play at exactly the right beat and on exactly the right note so the 
> listener can't hear that an edit took place.  At present, doing this for a 
> blind user in Audacity is unreasonably cumbersome and unpleasant.
> Gene
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> Hi,
> Gene and Thomas have both recently suggested that it would be good to be able 
> to have a keystroke to play from the end of the selection, either for a few 
> seconds, or until the end of the file.
> I was wondering whether other list members think that this might be useful,
> David.
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