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I am facing a problem in audacity I need help with.

Sometimes I forget to say something and have to insert audio in a given time in the middle of a track.

I know that audacity does not allow you to insert recordings in the middle of a track, so you have to record the extra parts into another track first and then cut it and past it right where it has to go.

I however can not manage to do it. I have tried two different things. The first was to select the second track (the track I recorded the extra part) then selected all pressed ctrl + x and then found the point in the first track where it should be inserted and pressed ctrl + v.

It didn't work and I was left also with the second track, something I didn't want or need anymore should the strategy work.

The other was aligning the beginning of the second track with the point where the track should be inserted. But then it will overlap with the rest of the first track. If tyhe first track could be kind of splited and the second part could begin after the end of the second track it would work. Anyways there has to be an easier way to do it.

Any recommendations as how to do it?



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