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Hi David

Thanks as I can use this information too.


On 2020/06/26 6:21 pm, Sarah Stephenson-Hunter wrote:

Hi David,
This is exactly what I needed, very much appreciated.

Sarah Stephenson-Hunter

On 26 Jun 2020, at 3:57 pm, David Engebretson Jr. <accessible.engineering@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The audio_only.m4a can be imported into an open project (ctrl+shift+’I’).

Or you can go to the file in your Zoom folder, right click (applications key) on it, navigate to “open with” and press enter. Then find Audacity in the list and press enter again to open.

This is assuming you have the fmpeg library installed. If you don’t then go to preferences->Libraries and note there is an option to download the library.

Have fun!

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Hi All,

This is my first post here and I’m a real nubie to Audacity and  it’s features so please be gentle with me!!!

I have a recording of something from Zoom that I want to edit.  I’ve gone to the relevant meeting files in Zoom, found the audio only, but there are several files here, which one do I need to open in Audacity to start editing it?  Also I want the final file to be mp3, do I need to do anything to the original Zoom file to make it compatible?

Yes I am slowly working through the user manual but would appreciate some help on this.

Many thanks,


Sarah Stephenson-Hunter

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