RE: OpenDevNight this Wednesday - OS Zoo, take 2

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as the treasurer i can say we'r defonatly not charging untill next year 
comencess as i'd be the one who'd have to orginise it(we'r not even the ones 
you pay, u have to pay the AUSA then they forward the cash to me), next year 
though there will be some kind of charge as it is manditory for all 
departmental soc's but we'v not disided how much yet realy :P

Steven Knox - 08394070
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Treasurer, Computer Science Society
Social Convener, Tai Chi Chuan
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Hey, no idea where the money thing came from, it might stem from our meeting on 
friday, but as now we are not charging members this year.

We are starting to talk about hoodies, which will be brought up on wed. Dont 
worry guys its all good, we wont be fleecing you for cash......yet

SDF Public Access UNIX System -
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Subject: OpenDevNight this Wednesday - OS Zoo, take 2

CompSci members and CS students -

Okay, it didn't exactly work out last time, so this week is a re-run of our 
wacky waving arm-flailing operating system talks. Wacky waving arm-flailing 
operating systems we'll be talking about include ReactOS, the freeware clone of 
Windows that was born from second-guessing Microsoft's API; OS/2, the uh 
"system for the future" of the 1980s; Plan9, Syllable, OpenGenera and a bunch 
of others.

In addition, I'll be annoying you about the forum. Go and sign up on the damn 

Anyone who's not already a CompSci member can pay Knox on the night, or pay him 
later; you're all welcome.

Alicia Mason
President, Computing Science Society

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