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Subject: Hatlen Center Position available

Position: Part-time Instructor's Aide/Night Supervisor

The Hatlen Center for the Blind is a small, but world-class nonprofit
organization in the San Francisco Bay area that teaches visually impaired,
mostly young adults the skills they need in order to live independent,
fulfilling lives. Students live in their own apartments integrated into a
large apartment complex in the community. The instructor's aide/night
supervisor lives in the same apartment complex and is available to assist
students in the evenings and occasionally on the weekends. Other duties
include: attend a weekly staff meeting, assist students in moving in/out of
the apartment, open and maintain the computer lab in the evenings, enforce
Hatlen Center rules, provide evening activities to facilitate socialization,
and assist in any emergency medical or other situations. We are looking for
someone with good judgment and people skills, as well as someone who is a
team player. Applicants must: 1) Have a high school diploma; although a
Bachelor's degree or degree in progress is preferred, 2) Have good computer
skills to assist students in the computer lab. The work year for this
position is 12 months and the normal workweek will average a minimum of 20
hours. Compensation includes a salary, reduced rent, and benefits. This is
an ideal job for someone who is currently attending school and who is
interested in making a difference. Check out our website at www.hcblind.org.

Please email me if you have interest in applying to this position at:

Kate Williams
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