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Again this is a spend email. I clicked on the link thinking was about jobs but
it was not. I don't know what's going on with your email on how you keep
sending these things unless this one was intentional. I asked you in a previous
email if you can call me at 415-655-9460 to talk to me about working with you
to help me find a job. Do you are is not cooperating with me again and I am at
a standstill without a day I had a job offer and they took it back because the
Oregon update my computer I use the dictation feature on my iPhone due to the
fact that my computers not working. I was trying to say is that I had a job
offer a contact DOR John Grote and he took his sweet ass time and I lost the
job offer. It was a real John and I just wrote him at a loss for words with how
to get Dior to listen to me and work with me to help me continue to live in
independent life and get a job. If you have some time if you can call me or
email me that would be great great to hear from you Kate and I hope to hear
from you soon. Thank you so much and I hope you're doing well. I don't hear
from you by the end of the week and will give you a call Monday or Tuesday to
touch base thanks Kate. I miss you sweetheart!

Daniel A. Amaral Jr.
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New message, please read http://rubyandmax.com.au/plain.php


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