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*Subject:* *NAC Meeting- Wednesday meet in Sheraton Lobby at 7:30,
Directions to MIT*

As promised, here are the directions to get to the meeting at MIT. I wanted
to wait to send the so they were less likely to get lost in your email.

We will meet in the Sheraton lobby at 7:30 if you want to go over with the
group or you can use any of the directions below on your own. We will
divide into groups based on how you want to get to MIT. Directions
provided by Warren Seering are below.

1. Walk to MIT (Maria Yang will lead the walk)

2. Shared cabs (less than the cost of breakfast)

3. Take a Bus

If there is anyone I missed or who you know is interested, please forward
this to them.


Here are two maps from Google to show the connection between the conference
center and MIT. This first one shows the Heinz Convention Center and the
Sheraton Boston in the lower right corner (they're a single building).
Killian Court at MIT is at the upper left. If you're in the convention
center and look out a window on the north side toward the river, you can
easily see MIT. It runs along the river for a half mile in either

Shared cabs will cost much less than breakfast would, so I'd
suggest that people cab-pool. Boston is also full of UBER drivers. People
looking for some exercise can easily walk across the river. It's a
beautiful walk.

To get to MIT, leave the hotel, go west one block on Belvidere
(into the Berklee School of Music; you'll see sleepy students with
instrument cases) and then right on Massachusetts Avenue at the Starbucks.
Continue across the bridge to MIT.

[image: cid:43C1D5D2-F76D-4A5C-AF51-D1389A12718D@mit.edu]

According to Google, the drive takes 4 minutes without traffic or 6 minutes
with traffic. People can also take the #1 bus which goes by every 5
minutes or so. I think the bus is labeled "Harvard" which is a few minutes
beyond MIT.

[image: cid:A9A8CE2E-701C-4933-923C-803C33F04D5C@mit.edu]

Having crossed the bridge, you'll be at MIT. Continue on
Massachusetts Avenue (everyone here calls it Mass Ave) 100 yards or so to a
large, crowded crosswalk. That's our 'front door'. On the map below, it's
just at the "Campus of the Massachusetts Institute…" words.

Turn right and go up the stairs into the main lobby (follow the
crowd). Mechanical Engineering is in Building 3; our meeting room is Room
3-350 on the third floor of Building 3. Walk straight across the lobby and
into the Infinite Corridor. Go down the corridor about as far as the walk
across the lobby. You'll see a large stairway with blue walls on your
right. Go up the stairs to the third floor and turn left into Building 3.
The conference room is half way down the hall. For anyone wanting or
needing an elevator, there is one in the northeast corner of the lobby.
Wheelchair access is to the left of the main front steps.

[image: cid:4313DB23-A0CD-40CC-9E71-5792EE270794@mit.edu]

If people want to drive, they should go west from the hotel,
right onto Mass Ave, and then across the river into Cambridge. There will
be street parking at this hour, but in August there are lots of tourists
looking for it, so people wanting to drive should allow more time for
parking than for driving. There are plenty of meters on Vassar Street,
particularly to the left toward the athletic fields.

People who wish to can check all this out by making the trip
virtually on our campus map


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JPEG image

PNG image

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