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This looks like a relatively standard pivot query.  For an example that
walks through how to build this sort of query, you can look at this
discussion http://www.ddbcinc.com/askddbc/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3D676

How do you differentiate who is the first borrower and who is the second
borrower?  Same question for guarantors...

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Dear Friends,
        We have two tables loan,entity_loan.=3D20

        Loan -> Loan_id
        Entity_loan -> Loan_id,Entity_id,Entity_type

Values in the Loan table

Values in Entity_loan Table
Loan_ID         Entity_ID       Entity_Type
L1              E1              B
L1              E1              G
L1              E2              B
L1              E3              G

I need the output like=3D20

Loan_ID         Borrower1       Borrwer2        Guar1           Guar2
L1              E1              E2              E1              E3

Please if any one can have any idea let me know.

Thanks in Advance
Mudhalvan M.M

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