[askdba] Materialized views problem

  • From: PV Narayanan <PNarayanan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 10:18:47 +0400

We have a scenario as below. There is a remote database from which 2 views 
to be accessed on local database.
Both these views are on oracle database. Out of this one view (STP_MAXIMO) 
is from a table from another remote
oracle database. Another view (TRN_MAXIMO) is from a view from another 
oracle database , which in turn is created through a query from a oracle 
database and sql server.
We do not have any gateways on our local database
In order to access these remote objects in our local database ,oracle apps 
, we have to create materialized views
as oracle apps does not fetch a LOV from forms for a view or synonym. It 
has to be through a table or materialized view for remote connections.
The problem we face is, there is a lock on the TRN_MAXIMO materialized 
view on local database.
As a result of this we are unable to refresh the materialized view nor are 
we able to drop and recreate the same.
The one alternative is to shutdown the instance , which is not possible 
for our environment until the weekend backup.
In the cirsumstance , how do I drop the MV and recreate without bouncing 
the DB.
I have checked the background process id , this relates to the snp 
process. Is it ok to kill this process and will it
release the lock on the MV.
Please provide a solution ASAP to this as this a critical production 
database. We have checked with oracle and they have no answer other than 
restarting the DB.
Thanks and best regards

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