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Excellent and thank you indeed. Very useful, am going to circulate it among 
colleagues and friends.


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Subject: [asialex] Dictionaries and Endangered Languages Survey
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 12:40:27 +0200

The Endangered Languages and Dictionaries Project at the University of 
Cambridge investigates ways of writing dictionaries that better facilitate the 
maintenance and revitalization of endangered languages. It explores the 
relationship between documenting a language and sustaining it, and entails 
collaboration with linguists, dictionary-makers and educators, as well as 
members of endangered-language communities themselves, in order to determine 
what lexicographic methodologies work particularly well pedagogically for 
language maintenance and revitalization.
In addition to developing a methodology for writing dictionaries that are more 
community-focussed and collaborative in their making, content, and format, the 
Project is creating an online catalogue of dictionary projects around the 
world. If you would like your dictionary to be included in the catalogue, 
please fill out the Dictionary Survey via 
or contact Sarah Ogilvie at svo21@xxxxxxxxxx We really hope you will want to 
participate, in order to make the catalogue as comprehensive as possible.
Dr Sarah Ogilvie
Alice Tong Sze Research Fellow
Lucy Cavendish College
Lady Margaret Road
University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB3 0BU.
Tel. Office (+44) 01223 764018
Tel. Mobile (+44) 07540 133790
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