[asialex] CFP: Lexicography 2.1 on “Teaching dictionary use” (reminder)

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Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the dealline for paper submission for Lexicography 2.1 
is one month away -  March 15, 2015.

We look forward to receiving a lot of papers. Thank you.


Shigeru Yamada


Dear Colleagues,
Papers are invited for publication in Lexicography 2.1 (June, 2015) with the 
special theme “Teaching dictionary use”. Please do consider 
contribution and spread the word among those interested. I hope that scattered 
information and hidden experiences are shared.
Shigeru Yamada
Call for papers
Lexicography: Journal of ASIALEX
Editor-in-chief: Yukio Tono
Special theme for Vol. 2, No. 1 (June, 2015): Teaching dictionary use 
Guest editor: Shigeru Yamada
Deadline for paper submission: March 15, 2015
Online submission and detail: http://www.springer.com/journal/40607
Papers are invited for publication in Lexicography 2.1 (June, 2015) with the 
special theme “Teaching dictionary use”. Possible topics are suggested below. 
The issue will include papers on other topics in the regular section.
Possible topics:
•         Dictionary types: general, specialized; receptive, productive; 
monolingual, bilingual, bilingualized; native speakers’, learners’
•         Targets: students, professionals
•         Dictionary media: print, digital (web, applications, CD-ROM, 
hand-held machines)
•         Perspectives: publishers’, editors’, lexicographers’, teachers’, 
•         Teaching materials: general, specific; dictionary outside matter, 
guides, workbooks, books, textbooks; web, video
•         Initiatives: individual, intramural, local, national, international
•         Practice: elementary school, junior/senior high school, university, 
private institution; design, methodology, syllabuses
•         Teaching dictionary use and related subjects/activities (e.g., 
vocabulary acquisition)
•         Research into teaching of dictionary use
•         Influence/Implications for dictionary compilation/interface, 
dictionary use, etc.
•         Teaching dictionary use in teacher training
YAMADA Shigeru
Professor of English
School of Commerce
Waseda University

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