[ascct] Newsletter Editorial Board - volunteers needed

  • From: Kristie Sullivan <KSullivan@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "ascct@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <ascct@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:43:10 -0500

Dear ASCCT members,

Thank you to all for your participation in the 3rd annual Scientific and 
Business meeting November 12. The slides from that meeting will be made 
available on the member-restricted area of the ASCCT web site very shortly, and 
you will be notified when they are available.

One of the outcomes of the meeting was the establishment of an Editorial Board 
for the Newsletter. We have one volunteer already, and are seeking others.

The Editorial Board would meet in advance of the drafting of each newsletter (4 
times per year) and provide topic/article ideas, contact potential author 
topics, and assist with writing and editing articles and formatting the 

Please contact the Secretary by January 7 if you would like to be considered 
for an editorial board position.

Please note that if you reply to this message your response will be sent to the 
entire list. If you do not wish to send a message to the list, change the 
recipient to ksullivan@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:ksullivan@xxxxxxxxxxx>.

Thank you in advance for your interest and involvement.

Best wishes,

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

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