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  • Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 00:54:39 -0400

I would like to take a moment to highlight a web resource, 
AltTox.org<http://AltTox.org>. If you haven't already visited, I encourage you 
to do so. Some of your Board and members are involved in the web site, and 
consider it a useful home base for discussions, reference information, and 
announcements related to "alternative" toxicological methods and policy. Here 
is one example, just posted on the AltTox Forum today:

"The European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing 
(EURL ECVAM) is inviting public comments on its latest Recommendations 
concerning two alternative test methods. Deadline for comments: 13th September 

Recommendations concerned are:
- Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (DPRA) for contributing to the assessment of 
chemicals concerning their potential to cause skin sensitisation and
- Cell Transformation Assay (CTA) based on the Bhas 42 cell line aiming at 
predicting the potential of chemicals to cause cancer.

Both methods are not considered to be standalone tests for these health effects 
but are envisaged to be used within integrated approaches for safety 

More information here: 

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

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