[argyllcms] gamma settings in display profiling, reading charts with i1pro / eye one pro

  • From: Harald Hugenschmidt <harald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:39:25 +0100

hi, just starting using the package, already got some very fine results for matrix display profiles. graham, very impressed with your work. but, i found some obstacles for more advanced tasks.

one question about display calibration:

if i want to create a high quality LUT the route via dispcal (calibration only), targen->dispread->colprof obviously is the way to go. how do i set gamma and colour temperature in this workflow? if would suspect that colprof would have parameters setting this up, but i can't find them?

and some more about printer profiling:

i use an eye one pro (ver. A) to read the printer targets. this proves to be extremely difficult when trying to read entire strips. single patch seems to work fine but is obviously very time comsuming.

lets start with the orientation of the sheet: is number 1 the patch in the upper left or the upper right corner? i guessed it was the left one.

the exact measurement procedure isn't covered in the manual.
whith the instrument calibrated i am asked to start to read the strip by pressing the instrument button.
upon doing this there is fist a short pause, the comes one beep.
should the instrument be placed on the fist patch when depressing the button? or on the paper white besides it? should i stop on the last patch. or slide on the the white space beside? do i hold the instrument button while i read the strip. or do i just shortly depress it upon start?

i'm felling sorry to ask such trivial things here but all my tries have just resulted in various combination of errors and after three hours i just had to ask for help.

thanks, harry

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