[argyllcms] Re: Windows woes with ColorMunki Photo - calibration hangs

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 08:55:03 +1000

> From: Chris Lilley <chris@xxxxxx>

> Hello argyllcms,
> I'm having a problem with  my new ColorMunki Photo spectro, under windows. 
> (It works fine under
> Linux: OpenSUSE 12.1 and Argyll 1.3.7 compiled from source). The symptom is 
> that I am told to
> set it to the calibration position and press a key; I set it to that 
> position, press a key, and
> there is no further output, nothing happens, no errors, until I ^C out of the 
> program.
> My first attempt was on my Win7/64 box, which has had the proprietary 
> ColorMunki software
> installed. Argyll 1.3.7 precompiled binaries, used under Cygwin.
> I quit the CM tray app (and the i1Pro display tray app) so they would not try 
> to own the device,
> went to the hardware manager, saw the ColorMunki listed as an XRite device, 
> updated the driver
> to use the Argyll 1.3.7 libusb1 driver. The device shows up in the device 
> manager.
> dispcal -v  usage mentions the ColorMunki, so it is seeing it. Then:
> $ dispcal -v -qm -P 0.5,0.5,1.4 -g 2.2 filename Setting up the instrument 
> Instrument Type:
> ColorMunki Serial Number:     2049257 Firmware version:  288 Chip ID:
> 01-8764e113000034 Version string:    'colormunki FW V1.32  Build Nr. 1303' 
> Calibration Ver.:  6 
> Production No.:    75447 Set instrument sensor to calibration position, and 
> then hit any key to
> continue, or hit Esc or Q to abort:
> and ... nothing happens after that.
> Second attempt, same machine, after uninstalling the ColorMunki software and 
> rebooting. Same
> result.
> Third attempt, different machine running WinXP, has never had the ColorMunki 
> drivers or software
> installed. Argyll 1.3.6 (sorry) precompiled binaries. Plugging in the 
> ColorMunki prompts the new
> device wizard and I tell it to use the Argyll drivers. It shows up in device 
> manager. Same
> result.
> Fourth attempt, same WinXP machine, I notice there is an Argyll 1.4.0 
> released tomorrow :) so I
> download the binaries and update the driver with the new one. Same result.
> Output of $ dispcal -v -D9 -qm -P 0.5,0.5,1.4 -g 2.2 M90-native-2012-04-19 2> 
> cm-trace.txt
> attached.

        it's a bit of a puzzle, since I'm unable to reproduce the problem. I've 
two machines, and I've tested the following:

Win XP              Machine 1
Win 2000            Machine 2
Win XP              Machine 2
Win Vista 32 bit    Machine 2
Win Vista 64 bit    Machine 2
Win 7 64 bit        Machine 2

and they all work fine.

You could try setting the environment variable ARGYLL_NOT_INTERACTIVE to "yes",
and see what happens if you enter (say) a space and then return at each point
you would "hit a key", and see if the behaviour is any different.

> I notice the last line seems to be incomplete, and is numbered 23 while the 
> preceding numbered
> lists go up to 35. Timeout?

I think that the trace is merely cut off (due to buffered I/O not flushing ?),
since it is in the middle of the initialization sequence, and you don't get to
the point of doing a calibration until it is past there.

Graeme Gill.

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