[argyllcms] Re: NEC PA241 and then?

  • From: János, Tóth F. <janos666@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 23:33:21 +0100

Sell your current i1d2 and buy the PA241w either with
- the full SWII package (software + sensor -> the NEC branded handpicked
i1d2 one) OR
- the SWII software (without the NEC branded sensor) and a "retail" X-Rite
Both sets should work well.

The NEC branded sensor may works a little bit better on the given NEC
display (spectrophotometers can be weaker on dark measurement) but a
ColorMunki is a more useful instrument. Your choice.

If you don't have enough money for the full package (display + complete SWII
package), I think you should pick up the display now and use it with the
factory settings until you will be able to buy a SWII soft + CM or a full
SWII package.

And you can do some experiments with ArgyII until then: You can measure the
display with your i1d2 and compare the results with the manufacturer's
report to calculate a custom correction matrix. -> Not the best solution as
Argyll can't program the internal LUTs...

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