[argyllcms] Re: Future i1D3 support of other ddisplay types (AMOLED, etc)

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 10:07:51 +1000

Chris Lilley wrote:
> There were five .edr files (corresponding to the five display types currently 
> supported in
> i1Profiler):
> $ ls *.edr CCFLFamily_07Feb11.edr       RGBLEDFamily_07Feb11.edr  
> WLEDFamily_07Feb11.edr 
> ProjectorFamily_07Feb11.edr  WGCCFLFamily_07Feb11.edr
> I also noticed a text file, I1D3Mapping.txt which maps these to numbered 
> slots:
> 3,CCFLFamily_07Feb11.edr 6,WGCCFLFamily_07Feb11.edr 9,WLEDFamily_07Feb11.edr 
> 12,RGBLEDFamily_07Feb11.edr 22,ProjectorFamily_07Feb11.edr
> These slot numbers make more sense (and point to future support of other 
> display types?) in the
> context of the other text file in that directory, TechnologyStrings.txt
> 1,Custom 2,CRT 3,CCFL 4,CCFL 5,CCFL 6,Wide Gamut CCFL 7,Wide Gamut CCFL 
> 8,Wide Gamut CCFL 
> 9,White LED 10,White LED 11,White LED 12,RGB LED 13,RGB LED 14,RGB LED 
> 15,OLED 16,AMOLED 
> 17,Plasma 18,RG Phosphor 19,Projector (RGB Filter Wheel) 20,Projector (RGBW 
> Filter Wheel) 
> 21,Projector (RGBCMY Filter Wheel) 22,Projector
> Interesting.
> These types are not currently exposed in the i1Profiler software (including 
> the 1.3.1 update
> released the other day).

Right. In i1d3edr.c there is a hard coded equivalent to the 
TechnologyStrings.txt file that
maps the slot numbers to a more human readable description, and this is what 
gets listed
in the tool usage. I did contemplate parsing the TechnologyStrings.txt file 
but it would not always be available if translating individual .edr files, and I
ran out of time to implement it. The hard coded descriptions are a bit more 
too, I think.

Yes, it seems X-Rite have allowed for many display technology types that they 
by default ship .edr files for. I guess some of these slots may be filled in by
their Cinema OEM's.

Of course there is nothing to stop anyone making a bunch of .ccss files for any
of the above technologies if they have a spectrometer and a display to measure,
and I'm happy to make them available on the ArgyllCMS website.

Graeme Gill.

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