[argyllcms] EyeOne Pro Not Calibrating Properly

  • From: Timothy Hattenberger <thattenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 12:03:08 -0800

I plugged in a recently re-certified Eye One and argyll recognized it fine. I then calibrate on the white tile, and proceed to setting the monitor luminance. I just calibrated this display last evening with an I12 and set it to ~124 cd/m2, but the I1 Pro measured it at approximately ~178cd/m2. So I used the EyeOne match software with the I1 Pro to see what was going on, and that measured properly (~125 cd/ m2). I think the problem is that when I do a calibration of the I1 Pro in EyeOne Match, it turns the light on and takes a reflectance measurement of the white tile. The light does NOT come on when calibrating using Argyll, which I think I can convince myself would lead to the artificially high measurements. I tried calibrating on a dark surface and also with no calibration (-N) and got the same results. Any ideas? I pasted the dispcal command below and also the data Argyll reads for the instrument upon dispcal initialization.

Tim Hattenberger

dispcal -v -d1 -c1 -yl -w0.31271,0.32902 -b120 -gs -p0.5,0.5,2.0 -o Dell_I1_120308

Instrument Type:   Eye-One Pro
Serial Number:     118383
Firmware version:  202
CPLD version:      2
Date manufactured: 14-10-2008
U.V. filter ?:     No
Measure Ambient ?: Yes
Tot. Measurement Count:           1079
Remission Spot Count:             35
Remission Scan Count:             1
Date of last Remission spot cal:  Thu Nov 20 15:05:32 2008
Remission Spot Count at last cal: 23
Total lamp usage:                 13.500401
Place instrument on test window.
Hit Esc, ^C or Q to give up, any other key to continue:
Display type is LCD
Target white = xy 0.312710 0.329020
Target white brightness = 120.000000 cd/m^2
Target black brightness = native brightness
Target gamma = sRGB curve

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